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About me

I'm an aspiring filmmaker and photographer, currently located in Brooklyn NY. I've worked closely with several analog and digital cameras, and prefer to shoot with analog formats when possible.

Aside from camera work I also write, direct, edit and design on sets. I have been a Production Designer on numerous short films, and I currently assist both the fabrication and set design teams at Mary Howard Studios. My editing work has given me over 5 years of experience on Premier Pro and Final Cut, with a fluency throughout the Adobe Creative Suite. I am in the process of being taught Avid Media Composer. When I’m not on a film set, you can find me crewing on one of the numerous film festivals throughout NYC.

Check out some of my up and coming projects below!


Brooklyn College: BFA in film production.

Florence University of the Arts: Seminar on street photography.

Coming Soon…



An aging balloon artist comes to grips with his increasingly worse rheumatic condition.

Written, Directed & Edited by Michelle Nash

Shot by Marley Chapman

Senior Thesis; Coming May 2019


Feature in “The G Word”

Chloe Sheppard Launches a New Zine to Support Emerging Photographers

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Broken Box Mime Theater: The Strong, Silent Type.

Short Documentary by Michelle Nash. Coming Winter 2019